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The second book of the Z-Dawg series finds Zach in attack mode as he and his friends search deep into the Lynn Woods Reservation at midnight to solve the mystery of the pirate and the lost treasure!  Legend has it that Pirate Tom Veal was buried alive at Dungeon Rock during a major earthquake in the 1600’s.  The pirate’s treasure was buried along with him!  To this day the treasure has neverbeen found--until now!  Ranger Dan has been hearing noises coming from Dungeon Cave, a dark and dangerous tunnel dug by Hiram Marble in the 1800’s.  As he searched for the lost treasure, Hiram Marble held séances to
talk to the dead.  Zack and his friends begin to unravel the mystery, one clue at a time, when they accidently stumble upon a mysterious old wooden box in the stone foundation of the cellar at the Ranger House. The contents of that box could just place their lives in great danger.

Read the first chapter and see  for yourself. Then go to the button below  and purchase your own copy.


                      The Pirates Storm the Deck!

Exhausted, Zack closed his eyes as the plane began
its descent into Logan International Airport in Boston.
He immediately fell into a deep sleep. Without warning,

the pirates stormed the deck of the pirate ship,

swords flailing in every direction. The sounds of sword
on sword, clanging and scraping, made him toss and
turn fitfully in his undersized seat on the plane. He

squirmed in his sleep to get comfortable.

Bright red blood ran in rivulets over the edge of the wooden deck and collided with the salty sea, bathing the planks in a pink whitewash.

That made Zack’s stomach turn, and he felt as if he were going to puke!

Perched high on the mast, Zack looked down on the
chaos below. Zack froze in place. He struck a pose that contorted his body as he clutched the smooth wooden
mast for dear life. One false move, and the pirates
would look up. One false move, and he knew he would  

be dead! Clinging to life, he watched the scene unfold
below him. And then, he made that fatal mistake, that
one false move. His hands began to sweat and he knew

couldn't hold on any longer. His arms were like rubber and so
numb that he could no longer feel them. He clung to the
mast, teetering between life and certain death below.  

He did it by accident, almost a natural reflex to the grueling
pain. He let out a blood-curdling scream that rang
through the air. Instantly, the pirate with the scar that ran clear down the side of his face, from his forehead

to his neck, and covered in blood himself, looked up
directly into Zack’s stunned face. A black stained patch
covered the pirate’s left eye, but that didn’t seem to
impair his vision. Zack noticed that the pirate’s beard,

which was a dull brown with copper streaks, was dripping
with food, and had something crawling in and out

of its tangled mass. His beard seemed to move up and
down all by itself. That made Zack wince.

Worse than that, the pirate’s sword seemed to be dripping
bright red blood. It was the thickest and longest
 blade he had ever seen. He hoped he wouldn’t be the
pirate’s next victim. He couldn’t tell much more from the top of the mast, but it looked as if the pirate had used .....
If you like this small part of Chapter 1 of this fast moving adventure/mystery you will love the rest of the story. Look for the Purchase NOW Button at the bottom of the page for a variety of easy ways to buy. Do this now and we will mail this to you right away.

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